Flexibility & Mobility Work
415×3 <-- add Metal Pro Briefs 505x3 <-- add belt 595x1 <-- add Metal Ace Squatter w/straps down 685x1 <-- straps up 775x1 <-- add knee wraps (full gear) 850x1 DL - 2 inch deficit w/choked blue bands 135x4 <-- add belt 225x3 315x1 405x3x1 <--760lbs at the top Pulldown Abs - 120x3x10 GHR - 3x10 My workout went well. Earlier in the day I felt tired and weak. I am still fighting off a cold. I went home early from work and took a nap. I felt better, but not 100%. All of my squats felt easy, but the band deadlifts felt harder than last week. I was slower than last week and had to grind out the last 1/4 of the deadlift. It was a good test of my lockout and grip strength, which proved to be good.

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