Ironmind Telegraph
5x1x10 ea. finger
7.5x2x10 ea. finger
Rev. Band BP (green bands)
475×0 <-- Missed locking out my right arm by a couple inches. 460x0 <-- Miss-loaded. It should have been 475, but a 10lbs plate was left off the right side. DB BP w/light band 80x7 80x6 80x5 Super Set
Fat supinated bar pulldowns 150x3x10
Bottom Up KB military press 25x3x10
GHR sit-ups w/light band – 3×10
Plate Pinch Grips w/2 25lbs plates – 3×15 sec. holds ea. hand
Band Pressdowns w/light band – 1×90
My lockout is still weak from my elbow injury. My right arm seems to be lagging a little behind on locking out weights. My elbows are completely healed and I can handle lockout work that I need to do to get my lockout strength up.

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