hip mobility work and stretching
405×1 <-- add Metal Deadlifter w/straps down 495x1 585x1 640x1 <-- straps up from here on 700x0 <-- took too long getting set and lost my breath 700x0 <-- bar too far in front of me super set
GHR – 3×12
rev. hypers – 180x3x10
pulldowns abs – 3×15
My form was better on the lighter sets and 640. My form wasn’t bad on the first attempt at 700. I spent too much time setting my grip and lost my breath. I got the bar to below my knees. I need to continue to work on my form. After the APF Texas Cup in November, I need to start working my top end. My deadlift hasn’t progressed much since the Cup last November. I need to go back and review my training logs and see what I was doing when my deadlift was progressing better. I know two keys to improving are to continue to improve my deadlift form and work the top end. I also intend on doing more quad work.

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