Static stretching (lower body)
Foam roller (lower body)
315×3 <-- add belt 365x3 405x3 RPE 8 435x1 RPE 10 <-- I moved my stance out Circuit
A1) DB RDL – 80x3x10
A2) DB Shrugs – 80x3x10
Standing Abs – 110x3x20
I moved my stance out on my last squat and it made the lift more difficult. I went even deeper below parallel than usual. This is due to weight loss and having less girth in my waist. Even on the other sets I noticed I was leaning more than usual coming out of the hole. This is the heaviest I have gone since my meet in May. Lately I have been using weights in the 50% range without a belt for 5×5. So I figure the heavier percentages were affected my squat. Having a smaller waist makes it even easier to squat deep. I have also experience this when cutting weight for a meet and figure it affects my squats at a meet. The good thing is that I can adjust and adapt, then when meet time comes it won’t affect me.

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