3 day logo.jpgMy training for NASA Unequipped Nationals is winding down. This also marks my seventh week on the 5/3/1 program and my second wave. Next week is my deload and last week of my training cycle. This routine is working great for me and I see a definite strength increases. The weights I based my training percentages were very conservative. That is key when using the 5/3/1 routine. Even though my weights were conservative, the first wave was not too easy. It did take some work and it took me the first four week wave to adapt to the routine. As the program progresses I have seemed to adapt to it even more each week.
I have gained some muscle on this routine. My eating habits have not been good, but luckily from all the reps on the 5/3/1 routine I have gained lean mass opposed to fat that I usually gain following the conjugate/Westside routine.
I look forward to Unequipped Nationals. I should then get a better idea as to how my rep maxes translate to my one rep max.

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